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Re/Max Realty Group. Whether it's preparing to get a mortgage or shopping for houses, making a mistake when buying a house can. One of the most obvious reasons to hire a buyers agent when buying a house is that it's free.. It's pretty rare that FSBOs aren't willing to pay a buyers agent commission, but it can happen.

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Mortgage approvals in your state The Rate of Mortgage Approvals in Each State. In second place was Utah, with 17 applications per 1,000 people. The state with the fewest applications was New York, where only 6 people out of every 1,000 applied for a mortgage. See the chart below for the number of mortgage loan applications and originations – meaning ones that are approved and funded – per 1,000 people in each state.

Typically, the buyer’s agent and seller’s agent will split the 6 percent agent’s commission in a regular transaction. However, many buyer’s agents are reluctant to get involved in a FSBO transaction because it means they end up doing all the work the seller’s agent would normally do and still only get the same 3 percent commission.

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8 Reasons Most FSBOs End Up Hiring An Agent. Dated: 01/26/2019. Views: 167.. Posted by Anchor Realty Group. July 2 2019. 0 comments. Here’s Alaska real estate market update as of June 22nd to 28th 2019.Still, on the top of our list is the Anchorage market. During this week, 590 are currently.

“We’re past the stage of handing out donuts,” said Guy Cecala, publisher of Inside Mortgage Finance, an industry publication based in Bethesda, Maryland. “Over the last couple of years most of the.