90% of Mortgage Borrowers Prefer Person-To-Person Communication

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Mortgage options for borrowers with a high DTI. Below, we highlight a few mortgage products available to high-DTI-ratio borrowers.

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Shared ownership sometimes dearer than buying 100% Halifax has released a survey today which highlights the fact that a high proportion of potential homeowners have little or no knowledge of shared ownership and in particular only 24% of Brits would consider buying a home through a shared equity or shared ownership scheme.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that borrowers understand the mortgage process better when it is done electronically, but Fannie Mae’s MLSS found that 90% of borrowers also expect to communicate with their lenders on the phone or in person. Today’s homebuyers are likely to prefer a lender that supports them with meaningful omnichannel communications throughout their home-buying journey.

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90% of consumers say they want.. Comparing Lenders' and Mortgage Borrowers' Views on Channel Usage.. person-to-person communication – almost all would like to use phone or in-person communication in the future.

If you and a spouse or family member are currently living together, but only one person is a borrower on the existing mortgage, it might be in.

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