BankUnited stops making retail mortgage loans, lays off workers

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Before BankUnited FSB collapsed in May 2009, employees lit candles and prayed that Florida’s. The FDIC agreed to reimburse as much as $10.5 billion in future loan losses-and gave the new owners.

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A bankruptcy judge has given preliminary approval to a $1.1 million settlement between subprime lender Aegis Mortgage Corp. and workers who alleged the company laid them off without giving.

TIAA Bank to stop retail branch mortgage lending, sell some branches to U.S. Bank, potential layoffs. BankUnited – halted retail mortgage lending, layoffs BankUnited – ceased wholesale lending, layoffs. laid off 87 mortgage workers in Raleigh

Sears Wants to Pay $25M in Bonuses to Executives After Layoffs BankUnited wants to help you stay in your home. You may be eligible for homeowner’s assistance through various programs we offer. Learn More. compare checking accounts Get the most out of your checking account with smart options that fit your individual checking needs.

Last week mass laid off at us bank, Minneapolis. Heard from my friend who is Working there. Any chance we can get some more info on this? And while we’re at it, have there been any news on more US Bank layoffs any time soon? They seem to be happening. – read more

Surveys such as the Fed’s poll of senior loan officers and the National Federation. But by the time companies stop creating jobs or are even possibly laying off workers, economic weakness has.

Coping with debt when you’re laid off.. Creditors may agree to ease loan terms when workers need the help to survive a jobless spell.. When laid-off workers call before they’ve missed a.

Mann wasn’t a candidate for a small-business loan, and he couldn’t convince a landlord to. Which is to say that here in Erie, one of the fastest-shrinking cities in America, where laid-off workers.

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