Lay Off Rights

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For an overview of the rights of laid off and fired employees in Masssachusetts, read this post by employment attorney, Maura Greene.

Applies to employers with 75 or more full or part-time employees where 50 or more employees are to be laid off due to a plant closing, mass layoff, or relocation of the employer’s business. Unlike the federal law, there is no requirement that the number of employees to be laid off constitute a certain percentage of the employer’s workforce.

Lay-Off – a Strictly Regulated Area of Employment A lay-off occurs when an employer temporarily reduces or stops an employee’s work (and therefore pay), without terminating the employment. Such arrangements are temporary, usually due to a shortage of work or seasonal employment, and employment is continued again at a future time.

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(For more on the WARN Act, see Layoff Laws.) Discriminatory Layoffs. Even if an employer has good financial reasons to lay off employees, the layoff might be illegal if it has a disproportionate effect on certain groups. For example, if a layoff rids a company of most of its female employees or all of its workers over the age of 60, that could.

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The following article will help you understand California layoff laws, and when it may be appropriate to contact an employment attorney to sue your boss for laying you off illegally. Understanding California Layoff Laws & Your Employee Rights Can you sue your boss for laying you off in California?

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Talk to a Wrongful Termination Attorney. After laying off around 17,500 employees in 2014, Microsoft plans to let go an additional 500 employees in 2015. Gap also announced plans to close 175 of its stores, which will likely result in thousands of employees losing their jobs.

A layoff is the temporary suspension or permanent termination of employment of an employee. Office of Personnel Management · UK Redundancy Legal Rights UK specific information on the legal rights of those being made redundant.

Lays-offs and short-time working – pay, rights, temporary lay-off, redundancy, taking on extra work, claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance, short-time regulations and payments

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