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Chi-Ting Apocalypse: Dante's inferno. – Tiru is very stuck and so are many of the people in it. The energies and dimensions of awareness are all a part of the reality of this day and age – something which the so-called masters dare not address because so much of the time they are simply parroting thousand-year old philosophies which have long outlived their usefulnesss or relevance.

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An ambush, the Guingonas, and a new mayor – GINGOOG CITY, Philippines – Her wounds have yet to heal, prompting her to skip the oath-taking of her daughter as the new mayor of Gingoog. and remove those that are obsolete and have outlived.

SWxW Trip Log – Geneseo – We drove on through several large Pecan orchards and we now know why the Rio isn’t Grande. The other orchards we’d seen had neat irrigation ditches between the rows of trees. Here, they just flood the entire grove with water. All that surface area in a windy, arid environment means lots of evaporation. and salinization.

Freud-Fliess letters – Haverford College – A and B from about 8 to 10 and 13 to 17) are the transitional periods, during which repression for the most part occurs. The arousal in a later epoch of a sexual memory from an earlier one produces a surplus of sexuality in the psyche, which operates as an inhibitor of thought and gives the memory and its consequences an obsessive character — inhibitability.

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Part II: The Jewish People and the Arabs – Im Nin’alu – Nagib Mahfouz was beaten and as consequence he remained partially paralyzed, because he supported peace with Israel. Out of the Arab world, there were other two Arab Nobel Prizes, both of Lebanese christian origin: elias james corey (Chemistry, 1990), American, and sir peter brian medawar (medicine, 1960), Brazilian, of British mother.