Rocket docket return: Another weapon for foreclosure defense

south west florida law blog Wednesday, May 18, 2011. Wow, just wow.. At trial the Defense counsel requested a change of venue to a community that did not witness the televised confession.. Specifically, they have taken aim at Lee County’s foreclosure docket, affectionately called the “rocket docket.

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Fannie Mae unveils new forbearance program for unemployed Rocket docket return: Another weapon for foreclosure defense Cheng had owned the home before the Attas, but he lost it in foreclosure.

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Rocket docket return: Another weapon for foreclosure defense Florida, which has been Ground Zero of the foreclosure crisis as well as a hotbed of judicial abuses, ranging from the biggest and most active foreclosure mills to kangaroo courts known as "rocket dockets", has taken a surprising step in the right direction.

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122. New York Foreclosure Defense Strategy It is also true of crimes like drug-dealing, which are not really property crimes but which share the same premise. In all these crimes, the infliction of "harm" on another is the product of a simple rational calculation: the (illicit) transfer of money or property from the victim to me enriches me, which I regard as a desirable outcome.

As a former clerk for a federal judge with one of the heaviest criminal dockets. another conflict. That is why the President should not act without congressional authorization of military force..

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