Shipments From Florida To Needy Venezuelans More Difficult And Expensive – NPR – VenezuelaNews

For many people in Venezuela suffering from shortages of food and medicine, a lifeline runs from Miami through companies like VKE Cargo. It's a A Shortage Of Shippers For badly needed supplies Of Food And Medicine To Venezuela | KNKX

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To see more, visit MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: The Mississippi River and its tributaries are still flooding huge Many People Living In Flood-Prone Areas Can’t Afford Expensive.

Venezuela is not a tyrannical autocracy; it is a deeply divided and polarized society. public opinion research shows strong and deep-seated support for Chavismo, the movement created by the late populist leader Hugo Chvez, among large swathes of the population.

While in Krasnodar I met a dozen or more professionals, from lawyers to engineers and doctors, who lived in the city and were part of another civic group engaged in charitable, conservation and youth.

It’s believed many more deaths go. the possible murder of a Venezuelan dissident by the regime in Caracas. A U.S. navy hospital ship leaves norfolk, Virginia, Thursday on a mission that means a lot.

Sanders has built his popularity almost exclusively on promises to spend more money not just on the poor but not on everybody, without even a hint that he understands why that would only exacerbate.

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But getting food and other supplies to family, he says, has gotten more expensive and more difficult. An estimated 200,000 Venezuelans live in South Florida. For years now, many have been sending packages with food and medicine to family and friends back home. But, as conditions have deteriorated in Venezuela, fewer shippers are sending.

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Adding to these concerns, Venezuelan authorities announced that they confiscated a cache of illegal firearms they say were smuggled into the country from Miami last tuesday. trump hits venezuela with More Sanctions as US Military Planes Bring ‘Aid’.