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early modern engineers mechanized purely political icons as well as religious ones. A very early example is the clock that Charles IV commissioned for the Frauenkirche in Nuremberg to commemorate his Golden Bull, which established the constitutional structure of the Holy Roman Empire and set the number of electors at seven.

Then one must switch to an attention that carefully watches the back and forth swing of excitation and passivity that dominates the mind. This is called disturbed attention, because one is attentive to the disturbance caused by excitation and passivity. disturbed attention carries one through the third to the seventh Stage of Calm-abiding.

The sovereign and his seven electors reappeared on the clock of the Marienkirche in Lübeck where they paraded before Christ. Ibid., 1:170. [47] Vasari, Lives of the Most Eminent Painters , 4:99.

Meade’s failure to capture Lee’s army as it retreated from Gettysburg, and the continued passivity of the Army of the Potomac, persuaded Lincoln that a change in command was needed. General Ulysses S. Grant ‘s victories at the Battle of Shiloh and in the vicksburg campaign impressed Lincoln and made Grant a strong candidate to head the Union Army.

Citizens need to understand other people and ideas, to recognize differences yet appreciate how everything is connected. Education should enrich our lives while teaching us to take a responsible place in the world.

1) Hispanics: Dangerous passivity Barely a blip on the radar fifty years ago (when they were first included as a category on the U.S. census), Hispanics are today the largest minority group in the country at 17%.

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FAITH IN LIBERTY: There is another flaw at the heart of British society that is less tangible, but just as decisive. It is the decline of what Walter Lippmann used to call the "public philosophy", the set of shared beliefs about the nature and goals of society that makes liberal democracy possible.

With the number of cardinal electors set to fall to 120 this month, and another 6 electors to reach 80 before the end of the year and 2 in the first half of 2020, we can expect at least 6 new electors, more likely 8 plus. And a few very hard-to-predict non-electors as well.